WOMB is a cross-innovation program born from the partnership between five entities of Lisbon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, that will focus its activities on four crucial sectors.

Here, entrepreneurs from all over the world and with a background in one of the four sectors will have the opportunity to dissolve their preconceived ideas.

Here, entrepreneurs will find solutions for the challenges proposed by the program through a cross-sectorial and disruptive innovation approach.

Here, entrepreneurs will validate their business model with customers and partners.

Here, entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to grow their business by having access to free incubation in one of the partners’ incubators.

sectors + challenges

health + nutrition

  • Hospital patient flow with geolocation
  • Improve medical doctors / pharmaceutical companies' communication
  • Health insurance: disease prevention
  • Improve the food pyramid: emergence of healthy food products


  • Innovate in marine products
  • Decrease ocean pollution
  • Improve marine products traceability, marketing and communication
  • Aquaculture: emergence of new technologies


  • Improve sustainability and renewable energies
  • Improve agriculture using robotics
  • Improve logistics and distribution activities
  • Valorisation of food processing by-products

tourism + gastronomy

  • The future of rural and nature tourism
  • The future of health tourism
  • Tourism and new technologies
  • Improve hotel management and logistics


Here, your team (at least two elements) will embark in a new endeavor by applying to WOMB with a technological solution or idea that will solve one of the challenges previously exposed. One of the elements of the team should have a background on one of the main sectors (health+nutrition, sea, agrifood, tourism+gastronomy) and/or on the transversal sectors (biotechnology, ict, bioeconomy).

You must be open to work in a multidisciplinary and teamwork environment and also to having your idea deconstructed by others. By enrolling in the program with 250 € per team, you will have access to the benefits listed below.

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Access to training

Access to mentors

Access to investors

Incubation space


Collaboration prize

The most collaborative team will win 2.500€

Sectorial prize

In every sector there will be a potential investment up to 50.000€

Grand prize

The best team will win 5.000€ and the possibility  to attend the GAIN Program from AESE Business School




WOMB partnership is the conjunction of Lisbon incubators that work on the sectors of the program, gathering in the same platform, the ideal ecosystem where cross-sector innovation can flourish.

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investment partners

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