WOMB” ( is a cross-sectorial innovation program developed by INOVISA, in partnership with Bluebio Alliance, DNA Cascais, Healthcare City and Tec Labs, hereinafter jointly designated as “Founding Partners”, and co-funded under the protocol established with Turismo de Portugal.

Through WOMB, entrepreneurs from all over the world and with a background in one of the four crucial sectors of (i) Agrifood, (ii) Health & Nutrition, (iii) Sea and (iv) Tourism & Gastronomy, will have the opportunity to dissolve their preconceived ideas, finding solutions for the challenges proposed by the program through a cross-sectorial and disruptive innovation approach.

The participating teams will validate their business model with both customers and partners, having the chance to grow their business through direct access to free incubation in one of the Founding Partners’ incubators.

To this effect, WOMB will provide the facilities, equipment and support necessary for the successful transformation of an idea and the development of a project into an operational business.

While closely monitoring the progress of the projects, WOMB shall also facilitate contact between the teams and companies, stakeholders and prospective investors, enabling networking and assisting with the transition into a market environment.

Article 1 - Scope

The present Regulation hereby establishes the conditions of access to WOMB, the application and selection process, as well as any other guidelines which will govern this program, regulating the interaction between the Founding Partners and WOMB’s participants.

Article 2 - Purpose

  1. WOMB is aimed at supporting entrepreneurial projects and the development of disruptive ideas with growth potential to result in innovative products or services at a global scale, in the fields of (i) Agrifood, (ii) Health & Nutrition, (iii) Sea and (iv) Tourism & Gastronomy, hereinafter designated as “Projects”.
  2. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, in particular this program intends to:
  • Promote technology startups, on the basis of excellence and merit, providing encouragement and support for entrepreneurship in this field.
  • Encourage entrepreneurship among the academic community, creating and/or reinforcing conditions for the development of a culture focused on cross-innovation.
  • Foster networking, both national and internationally, with various stakeholders (entrepreneurs, researchers, technologists, academics, lead users, etc.), while boosting systematic and multidisciplinary cooperation opportunities.
  • Identify, test and implement tools that will allow startups to acquire maturity and sustainability through the implementation of internal innovation processes.

Article 3 - Operation

  1. The coordination and management of the WOMB program will be carried out by INOVISA.
  2. Notwithstanding the established in the Incubation Agreements that shall be concluded between the finalist Teams in WOMB’s Incubation phase and the Founding Partners assuming the role of incubators, the contacts set up under the scope of the program shall be established directly between INOVISA and the Teams.
  3. WOMB’s headquarters are installed at the INOVISA campus, which is located at Edifício INOVISA, Polo I, Tapada da Ajuda, 1349-017, Portugal.

Article 4 - Terms and Conditions of Participation

  1. WOMB is open to startups or innovation teams, composed by 2 (two) to 5 (five) elements, who must be over 18 years old, hereinafter designated as “Teams”. Individual applications shall not be accepted.
  2. In case the Teams are registered companies, they shall not have been incorporated for over 3 (three) years from the application date.
  3. The Teams must apply with an agenda to solve one of the challenges proposed by the program, as established in Article 5 below.
  4. At least one of the elements of the Team must have experience in one of the following areas: (i) Agrifood, (ii) Health & Nutrition, (iii) Sea and (iv) Tourism & Gastronomy; or in a transversal sector, such as bioeconomy, biotechnology and ICT.

Article 5 - Sectors and Challenges

  1. The Projects submitted under the scope of this Regulation must be technology-based and lead to the emergence and/or consolidation of advanced technology startups, operating in WOMB’s crucial sectors.
  2. Each team must apply with an agenda to solve one of the following “Challenges”:


  • Improvement of sustainability and renewable energies;
  • Improvement of agriculture using robotics;
  • Enhancement of logistics and distribution activities;
  • Valorization of food processing by-products.

Health & Nutrition:

  • Hospital – patient flow with geolocation;
  • Improvement of medical doctors / pharmaceutical companies’ communication;
  • Health insurance: disease prevention;
  • Improvement of the food pyramid: emergence of healthy food products.


  • Innovation regarding marine products;
  • Decrease of oceans’ pollution;
  • Improvement of marine products traceability, marketing and communication;
  • Aquaculture: emergence of new technologies.

Tourism & Gastronomy

  • The future of rural and nature tourism;
  • The future of health tourism;
  • Tourism and new technologies;
  • Improvement of hotel management and logistics.

Article 6 - Applications

  1. The admission of Teams to the program shall be done through a “Call to Action”, until 11:59 pm of the 15th of October 2017.
  2. Applicants shall have to submit online the application made available for this purpose at, hereinafter designated as “Application”.
  3. Submission of Application requires mandatory response to all of the questions.
  4. Applications may be submitted in English.
  5. WOMB shall not be liable in the event of loss of Applications, namely due to network interruptions or as a result of any failures of the system or website.
  6. Upon applying, each Team must nominate one of its members to be the official representative of the Team within the scope of this program. All Teams members must accept such nomination, in writing.
  7. Each Application shall be analysed by the jury best described in Article 7 below, pursuant to the following selection criteria, amongst others:
    1. Innovation of the Project;
    2. Projects should reveal high potential for commercial operation and internationalization, i.e. feasibility and viability of the ideas;
    3. Level of commitment of the Team members, given their performance in an interview conducted by the jury.
  8. The decision regarding the 35 (thirty five) applicant Teams admitted to WOMB shall be informed to the chosen applicants by email, until the 1st of November 2017.
  9. The applicants undertake to maintain the corresponding Teams’ emails active and updated during the whole period of the program.
  10. The selected Teams will have to pay an entrance fee of €250,00 (two hundred and fifty euros), which will partially revert to the Grand Prize, as defined in Article 10 below.

Article 7 - Jury

  1. The jury will be composed by 8 (eight) members, 2 (two) per sector, appointed by the Partners of the program, as set forth in the Protocol established between them and yet to be defined.
  2. The members of the jury come from different areas of activities and cover all of WOMB’ sectors
  3. The Teams hereby acknowledge that the jury shall be free to evaluate them, under the terms of the present Regulation. The Teams shall have no right of appeal, nor to any compensation, regarding the jury’s decisions.
  4. Minutes of the meetings of the jury shall be drawn at the end of each meeting.
  5. The deliberations of the jury shall be taken by simple majority, not reflecting any abstention.

Article 8 - WOMB Phases and Duration

  1. The WOMB program shall comprise the following phases:

1.1. Innovation phase: With the duration of 6 (six) weeks, this phase will give the 35 (thirty five) selected Teams the opportunity to deconstruct the idea within their Applications, in order to solve the corresponding Challenge, as follows:

(i) Teams from the 4 (four) sectors will benefit from Design Thinking training, and work together to find a new solution for the Challenges (“cross sectorial innovation”), using WithCompany’s (WOMB’s Innovation Partner) methods.

(ii) The teams’ performance, collaborative spirit and capacity to develop new solutions will be monitored, being evaluated by the WOMB team, as well as by mentors and investors.

(iii) All team elements must attend the activities proposed.

(iv) By the end of this phase, the jury will decide on the merit of the Teams and select the 20 (twenty) Teams that will move on to the Acceleration phase.

1.2. Remote phase: Between the Innovation and Acceleration phases, there will be a break during Christmas time, as defined in paragraph 4/b. below. During this phase, the selected teams shall start preparing the Acceleration phase, by watching the videos sent by the Management Team, as best described in Article 11/2 of this Regulation.

1.3. Acceleration phase: The 20 (twenty) Teams previously selected will work in their new solution business model, experiencing 5 (five) weeks of acceleration techniques, using the LEAN methodologies: (i) Business Model Canvas by Alexander Osterwalder, (ii) Customer Development by Steve Blank and (iii) Lean Startup by Eric Ries, according to the following rules:

(i) These Teams will be monitored according to their capacity to develop a sustainable business model, taking into consideration their general performance and collaborative spirit, being evaluated as in the Innovation phase.

(ii) All team elements must attend the activities proposed.

(iii) At the end of this phase, (i) the jury will select the 10 (ten) Teams that will move on to the next phase (Incubation), and (ii) the awards best described in Article 10 of the present Regulation will be distributed among the 20 (twenty) participating Teams.

1.4 Incubation phase: The 10 (ten) finalist Teams shall be required to enter into an Incubation Agreement with the selected WOMB incubator (i.e. INOVISA, DNA Cascais, Healthcare City or Tec Labs), in order to regulate this phase of the program, under the scope of which:

(i) The Teams shall have access to a working space (incubation and mentoring provided) within one of the incubators abovementioned, free of charge.

(ii) The Teams will experience being a part of Lisbon’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, for 3 (four) months, to be chosen between March and July.

(iii) In spite of being allocated to one specific work space, the Teams will have the opportunity to access to the services provided by all of the incubators (such as networking events, experimentation spaces, amongst others).

2. The selection process abovementioned will be made by the jury, based on the assessment criteria established in Article 9 below.

3. The program will have a maximum duration of 9 (nine) months, during which the Teams must be in Lisbon.

4. WOMB phases shall be ruled by the following schedule:

  1. Innovation phase: November 13th – December 21st 2017;
  2. Remote phase: December 22nd 2017 – January 14th 2018;
  3. Acceleration phase: January 15th – February 23rd 2018 (with a break on Carnival week – February 12th – 19th);
  4. Incubation phase: March – July 2018.

5. INOVISA reserves the right to modify the schedule hereby established, whenever the circumstances so require, according to a case-by-case analysis and taking into account the inherent costs.

Article 9 - Assessment criteria

The Teams eligibility to enter the program shall be assessed according to the following criteria:

  1. Team focus and high degree of motivation and willingness to deconstruct the initial Project.
  2. Team’s performance (which includes collaborative spirit) and capacity to flourish a new solution based on its Application idea.
  3. Team’s ability to develop and incorporate a clear and defined technological innovation or to apply existing technology in an innovative manner.
  4. Individual skills, resume and experience of the members of the Team, as well as their engagement and endeavor to ensure the development of Project.

Article 10 - Awards

  1. By the end of the Acceleration phase, as defined in Article 8/1/c., WOMB will attribute 3 (three) categories of awards, as follows:
    1. Collaborative prize: €2.500,00 (two thousand and five hundred euros), which will be given to the Team that during the Innovation and Acceleration phases is more cooperative towards the other teams. The evaluation of the most collaborative team will be point-based (gaming).
    2. Sectorial prize: one Team of each sector will have the possibility to be funded by one of WOMB’s venture capital partners. This investment can amount to €50.000,00 (fifty thousand euros), notwithstanding the established in paragraph 2. below.
    3. Grand prize: the best Team within the four sectors, chosen according to its performance, innovative idea and business model, will earn €5.000,00 (five thousand euros) and might be granted an award for one of the Team members to participate in one of the next editions of “AESE Business School’s GAIN” program, as established in following paragraph.
  2. The attribution of the Sectorial prize and of the “AESE Business School’s GAIN” program award, best described in paragraph 1/ b. and c. above, is at the venture capital partners’ sole description, according to their criteria to decide if any of the Teams fulfills their investment requirements.
  3. Each Team undertakes to choose, at its sole description and responsibility, how the awards shall be distributed among the Team members.

Article 11 - Teams' Rights

  1. Within the scope of the activities comprised in each phase of the program, the Teams shall benefit from privileged access, in good time, to material and human resources, as well as coaching, technological, assistance, counseling and information services.
  2. INOVISA’s Management Team, highly responsible and committed to implementing and operating the program, will monitor, advise and support WOMB’s participants.
  3. WOMB ensures the utmost rigor and transparency during the entire process.

Article 13 - Intellectual Property

  1. All right, title, and interest in and to the Intellectual Property created or owned in any form or manner by INOVISA or WOMB’s Founding Partners, shall remain vested in them.
  2. For the purposes of paragraph 1 above, any such IP shall include intellectual property related to:
    1. Patents, patent applications and patent rights (including without limitation any and all applicable assignments of patents or patent applications, continuations, continuations in-part, divisions, patents of addition, renewals, extensions, foreign counterparts, utility models, re-examinations, and applications for reissuance of patents);
    2. Copyrights and applications, registrations, recordings and renewals in connection therewith;
    3. Trade secrets and confidential technical information (including without limitation research and development, know-how, formulae, compositions, processes and techniques, technical data, designs and drawings);
    4. All manuals, books, documents and specifications directly or indirectly related thereto;
    5. Licenses, agreements and permissions granted to any third parties over the IP.
  3. The ownership of the IP Rights arising from the development of a Project, within the scope of this program, shall belong to the corresponding Team, notwithstanding the limitations set forth in the Incubation Agreements.

Article 14 - Data Protection

  1. Personal data of the Team members shall be collected and processed, pursuant to the low in force.
  2. Personal data of the members of the Teams will be collected through the Application form and will be processed by INOVISA, for the purpose of participation of the Teams in
  3. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, INOVISA may use a processor, ensuring the safety and confidentiality of the data.
  4. Team members hereby acknowledge that providing their personal data, in the Application form, is mandatory in order to participate in this program.
  5. Team members allow INOVISA to disclose their name, as provided in the corresponding Application form, in any form or by any means, for WOMB’s promotional purposes.
  6. Personal data shall be kept, under the scope of this program, for a period of 10 years, after which they will be erased.
  7. Team members shall have the right of access to their personal data and the right to rectify any such data. Should they have any queries concerning the processing of their personal data, these shall be addressed to INOVISA, at

Article 15 - Regulation

  1. Participation in WOMB implies the Teams’ full acceptance of the provisions of this Regulation, as well as the waiver of any claims or legal actions, concerning the way the program is run or any decision made by the direction of the program or its Management Team.
  2. Each Team undertakes to comply with the rules set out in this Regulation and confirms that it has met all the conditions to entry into
  3. Upon acceptance into the Innovation phase of the program, each Team member must individually acknowledge and undertake to comply with the dispositions set forth in the present Regulation.
  4. INOVISA reserves the right to modify this Regulation, at its sole description, undertaking to notify such modifications to the Teams, in writing.
  5. The jury reserves the right to exclude from the program any Team member who does not comply with the present Regulation, or who has behaved inappropriately within the scope of the program.

Article 16 - Miscellaneous

  1. This Regulation and the rights and obligations hereunder shall be governed by, construed and enforced for all purposes in accordance with the laws of Portugal.
  2. Any disputes arising from WOMB, its methodologies, or any issues under the scope of this Regulation, shall be settled by the judicial courts of Lisbon.
  3. The cases not covered herein shall be addressed by the Management Team.